Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

Patients need to pay attention to some things after hair transplantation. The first 10 days are very important and the patient must wash his hair every day. Actions such as scratching, striking and hitting should be avoided. No matter how precious the first days are, you will see better results for your hair. For example, it is necessary to stay away from things containing chemicals used for hair care. After the transplantation procedure, patients should pay attention to their lying position and it should not be applied in the direction shown to the person. Patients get more successful results after these transplantation procedures by paying attention to these details.

As a result, it is possible for patients to recover faster after transplantation by regulating details such as self-care and medication use. It is possible to reflect the positive results of hair transplantation by providing post-transplant support in hair transplantation centers serving in our country.

Recently, by paying attention to these issues, it is possible to achieve more success after hair transplantation and ensure the survival of more hair follicles.

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