Inverted Nipple Surgery

The nipples are not only a link between a mother and child during breastfeeding. Also, an essential part of femininity and self-confidence.

Reasons for Inverted Nipple Surgery

Inverted nipples are frequently observed.

When the nipple does not usually project, they happen to develop because the ducts leading to the nipple are exorbitantly tight. In most cases, having an inverted nipple’s natural occurrence does not increase your risk for any health complications. Moreover, it should not affect your nipple sensitivity.


Although it is not painful, the inverted nipple may affect self-confidence due to defects in breasts. It can also be a problem for women trying to breastfeed because their child cannot hold a flat nipple or inverted ones to suck milk out of the breast. That is why the perfect candidates for this surgery are:


  • People who suffer from a flat nipple and cannot correct it with a device or non-surgical procedure.
  • People who have psychological problems due to defects in their breasts.
  • Women who are having difficulties breastfeeding their babies
  • People who want an effective treatment with permanent results.

Operation Details


If you are looking for a permanent solution for an inverted nipple, your only option is surgery. There are two different types of surgeries: surgery that preserves the milk ducts and surgery that does not.

The reason your nipples become inverted is that the milk ducts are shortened, pulling your nipple inwards. One technique to evert the nipples is to stretch these milk ducts, releasing the nipple’s pull. This is seen as the less invasive option because it keeps the milk ducts intact. The primary benefit of this is that it will not impact your ability to breastfeed.

However, we have found that stretching the milk ducts often leads to a high recurrence rate of the inverted nipples. Many surgeons feel that, particularly for grade 2 and 3 inverted nipples, the best solution regarding longevity is to divide the milk ducts.


Dividing the milk ducts means making an incision so that the milk ducts are no longer pulling the nipple inwards. From our experience, this method produces much better and long-lasting results than the stretching technique. However, the downside of this technique is that you will not be able to breastfeed after having this procedure. Therefore, if you plan on breastfeeding, it is essential to discuss this with your surgeon as they may advise the stretching technique or wait until after you have breastfed.There are several different techniques your surgeon may use to divide your milk ducts. Results can vary, so it is essential to discuss with your surgeon which technique they will use.

Trampoline Effect: The trampoline effect is where your surgeon uses some of your nipple tissue to form a trampoline effect underneath your nipple to hold it in an everted position.

Splitting the Nipple: At this step, the nipple is split vertically to provide access to the milk ducts before dividing them.

Areola Incision: This is where an incision is made around the junction of your areola and breast skin to locate and divide the milk ducts.


Operation Details
Am I Able to Breastfeed After the Surgery?

The patient’s breastfeeding ability depends on the inverted nipple degree of the patient and the technique used by the surgeon during the procedure.

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How Long Do I Need to Wait After Breastfeeding to Do an Inverted Nipple Operation?

If you have recently given birth, you may need to wait for 3-6 months before the surgery.

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Are Smoking and Alcohol Affect the Results of the Surgery?

Smoking and alcohol increase the risk of having complications. It is highly recommended to stop smoking for six weeks before the surgery because smoking delays the healing.

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What Are the Prices of Inverted Nipple Surgeries?

Prices vary depending on the level of inverting, the clinic, and the experience of the surgeon. You will get the final price after the examination.

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When Can I Get Back to Work After the Surgery?

If your work requires much physical activity, you need to rest for a week. If it does not require that much physical activity, you only need to rest for 3-5 days.

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Do I Need A Referral to The General Practitioner Before the Surgery?

Most plastic surgeons will examine you without referring you to your primary care physician. If you have decided to have the surgery, your surgeon may ask you about your medical history.

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Why Consider Having Inverted Nipple Surgery in Turkey?

Being one of the top destinations for medical tourism, Turkey has a booming, cost-effective, and high-end health and medical services industry. Completed with internationally accredited surgeons and experts with celebrity level reputations, a reliable infrastructure, and very affordable prices of Turkey’s health and medical services industry quickly offers very high-end services, high standards with very cost-competitive prices.

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What Can Cause Inverted Nipples?

Some women may be born with inverted nipples. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, injury, scar tissue, and breast cancer are other factors.

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