Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is an operation to reduce the excess tissue and fat around the abdomen.

Who Can Have Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty surgery is fit for healthy men and women.

To strengthen their abdominal muscles and reduce excess skin, women who have had several children may appreciate the surgery as beneficial.


The surgery is also an alternative for men or women who were previously obese and currently have excess fat or loose skin around the stomach area.


However, Abdominoplasty is not for everyone. The doctor might advise against surgery if the patients wish to lose significant weight, might consider pregnancy, have a chronic condition, have a body mass index over 30, are a smoker, and had a previous abdominal surgery, which led to visible scar tissue.

Operation Details


The patients’ underlying anatomies, the excess skin amount, skin location, and clothing preference determine the typical abdominoplasty methods.

Standard Abdominoplasty utilizes a hip-to-hip incision below the navel.During the surgery, incisions also will be used around the belly button because the belly button will be repositioned after eliminating the upper abdomen’s excess skin. After tightening the abdominal muscles with internal sutures and removing the excess skin, the remaining skin pulls down over the stomach.


The extended Abdominoplasty removes more skin from a full area than the standard technique; therefore, it is more suitable for patients who have lost massive weight.

Additionally, extended Abdominoplasty requires a round incision to free the navel and reposition it higher once the excess skin has been removed.

Fleur-de-lis Abdominoplasty

The Fleur-De-Lis abdominoplasty is for patients with remarkably excessive abdominal skin after massive weight loss or bariatric operation. In this technique, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, and abdominal muscles can be improved through a standard Abdominoplasty incision.


Due to the excess skin after weight loss or pregnancy, Mini Abdominoplasty requires a 10-20 cm scar above the pubic region. Surgery does not reposition the navel or remove the excess skin.

Mini Abdominoplasty is only suitable for several patients due to minimal improvement in the appearance of the abdomen.


Operation Details
What are the Reasons for Abdominoplasty?

The purposes for undergoing Abdominoplasty are diverse, including men and women seeking aesthetic improvement of the abdomen, women with significant skin and abdominal wall laxity following multiple pregnancies, or bariatric patients.

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What Is the Main Difference Between A Full and Mini Abdominoplasty?

Both full and mini abdominoplasties require the tightening of abdominal muscles and the elimination of excess skin. The central distinction is that the full Abdominoplasty is typically used to strengthen the above and below the belly button areas. In opposition, the mini-Abdominoplasty is usually limited to the lower abdomen below the belly button.

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What is Recovery Like After the Surgery?

Following Abdominoplasty surgery, drain tubes will require to be remained in place for about one week. Most patients encounter some bruising and, or swelling, though these signs should subside over a few weeks. Many people can return to their jobs or daily activities after about one to two weeks. Heavy physical activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least six to eight weeks. Patients are frequently encouraged to walk around as soon as they feel healthy enough.

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Why Consider Having Abdominoplasty in Turkey?

Being one of the top destinations for medical tourism, Turkey has a booming, cost-effective, and high-end health and medical services industry. Completed with internationally accredited surgeons and experts with celebrity level reputations, a reliable infrastructure, and very affordable prices of Turkey’s health and medical services industry quickly offers very high-end services, high standards with very cost-competitive prices.

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What are the Results of Abdominoplasty Surgery?

In most cases, Abdominoplasty is successful in presenting an abdominal trimmer contour in patients with excess skin and fat and weak abdominal muscles. Many constituents will affect how extended Abdominoplasty’s optimal outcomes will last, including age, skin elasticity, and physical fitness. Functional consequences will generally be long-lasting if the patient remains in good health, has a stable weight, and exercises regularly.

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Can Patients Have Abdominoplasty Surgery Before Having Kids?

The drains will need to stay in place for about a week after tummy tuck surgery. Most patients may experience bruising and or swelling in the surgical area after the operation. However, these symptoms will subside in a few weeks. Patients can return to work or daily activities after about one to two weeks. Still, heavy lifting or strenuous physical activity should be avoided for at least six to eight weeks. During the recovery period, patients can apply light exercises such as walking when they feel healthy enough.

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Will There Be Pain After Surgery?

Light to mild pain likely in the days following Abdominoplasty surgery. However, any discomfort can usually be controlled and even relieved with medicine.

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Will the Scars Be Visible?

Incisions for Abdominoplasty surgery are made low on the abdomen, so any possible scarring can frequently be hidden by most clothes, including bathing suits and underwear.

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