Fat grafting, fat transfer, fat injections, or lipofilling is the procedure of taking a certain amount of fat from one part of the patient’s body and transplanting them into another area.



The facial fat injection method is a type of filler. Therefore, it’s advantageous to fill under laugh lines, smile lines, and crow’s feet.

The reasons for face fat injections can be listed as below:

  • To reverse the effects of aging and fatty tissue loss by creating a youthful look,
  • Regain plumpness in the cheeks, around the eyes and the mouth, and on the jawline,
  • To reduce the appearance of deep lines or folds that result from gravity and fatty tissue loss,
  • To reduce the appearance of deep lines that run from the nose to the mouth, called smile or parentheses lines,
  • To reduce the appearance of lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin,
  • To reduce sagging jowls.

The overall effect of this procedure is a rounded, properly balanced facial appearance. When grafting is completed, all the treated features will be in total harmony with the entire face.



How is Fat Grafting performed?

Fat grafting is a procedure that is usually performed under local topical anesthesia. The fat used in fat grafting is harvested through liposuction from your body, usually an area where you have some to spare. The fat is then sterilized, processed, and injected into the target site.

Fat grafting can be performed at any age to help correct deep acne scars or fix facial asymmetry. Its other applications as lip augmentation or cheek augmentation, filling in hollows in the face typically reserved for people in their 20s and up.

It’s recommended that patients be as sedentary as possible for around ten days. It may take up to a few weeks until the swelling subsides and the final results reveal themselves.

Complications from fat grafting are rare. The main problem can be the final result that will not satisfy you.

Yes, it does. It’s a well-established procedure that has been applied and improved throughout the years and countless applications. When applied by an experienced professional, it can remove many and significant signs of aging.

The transplanted fat becomes permanent where it has been transplanted. Therefore, it is a live tissue after that point. It’s affected by aging, but it becomes a natural and permanent part of the operated area.

Yes, it is possible. But an eyelid surgery may be the better option according to the patient’s conditions and requirements. There are various ways to achieve a cosmetic result. Therefore, all viable alternatives must be considered and compared. In such a case, your surgeon should present the options with their pros-cons and possible outcomes.

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