Penis Enlargement

What is Penis Enlargement?
Aesthetics made to the genitals of men is called penile aesthetics with its general name in terminology. Penis enlargement is the operation performed when the soft penis length is 7 cm or less between the tip of the penis and the pubis, that is, the bottom part. According to the studies, some methods have been tried for penis thickening and enlargement by injecting a penis pump, penis enlarger or liquid into the penis in order to enlarge the male genitalia in the past. However, these solutions, which are produced temporarily to create the ideal penis size and thickness, have been found to cause skin irritation, infection, penile curvature or permanent damage. Today, in the light of scientific research and technological developments, it has been demonstrated that it is possible to perform an operation that meets the expectations of the person who says “I want to grow” without harming the person.

Operation Details


  • After listening to the patient’s complaint, the first urology examination is performed.
  • After the tests come out clean and it is confirmed that the patient does not have any disease, it is decided which aesthetic intervention should be done.
  • Depending on the operation to be performed, the operation is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.
  • According to the preferred and agreed method, lengthening, enlargement or thickening is performed.

Operation Details


Curvature, swelling, bruising or some similar changes occur in the appearance of the penis due to congenital or traumatic reasons. More than one method is used in penile aesthetics in order to eliminate the appearance and concerns. These;

  • Penis enlargement
  • Penis thickening
  • Penile curvature
  • Penis enlargement and thickening surgery

Operation Details


A normal penis in soft tissue is 6-7 cm in length on average, and an average of 14-15 cm when erect. This type of surgery is performed with 2 different methods. The first of these is the operation performed by cutting the ligaments between the pelvis and the penis and pulling them forward. In the second method, it is the process of taking the fat in the root of the penis and extending it according to the structure and appearance of the organ. If the patient wants it to be around 20 cm, the doctor’s advice should be taken into account and acted accordingly.


Operation Details


An adult’s penis circumference is 9 cm on average in soft tissue, and 12 cm or 13 cm on average when erect. Three different techniques are used to thicken the genitals, which are thinned due to congenital or frequent weight gain and loss problems. These;

  • Fat injection technique
  • Filler injection
  • Tissue transfer

Operation Details


Penis thickening process is applied with 3 different methods.
Penis Thickening with Fat Injection Technique

It is a procedure performed by re-injecting the fat taken from the person’s own body to reach the desired shape and thickness on the small penis by undergoing certain processes. This procedure is performed painlessly under local anesthesia.

Penis Thickening with Filler Injection

It is the process of injecting fillers that do not harm the skin to the required points in order to reach the targeted thickness. The procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia, is performed permanently or temporarily, depending on the filler used.

Penis Thickening with Tissue Transfer

It is the surgery performed by placing the tissues taken from the person’s body between the fat tissues in the genitals. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia.


Operation Details
How is Penis Enlargement Performed Naturally?

Since the penis, which varies according to the age, race and physical characteristics of the person, is like all other limbs, it is not possible to enlarge the penis in a natural way. Non-surgical penis lengthening methods are methods that harm the health of the person and may cause temporary or permanent damage.

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How Is Penis Enlargement Performed Without Surgery?

Herbal teas and pumps, which are generally preferred without surgery, endanger the health of the person. For this reason, operations that are both permanent and do not endanger the health of the patient should be preferred.

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What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

There are 2 different methods that temporarily solve the penis enlargement. These are the jelqing exercise and the kegel exercise.

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Until What Age Does the Male Genital Organ Grow?

It is 2.5 cm for babies and 5 cm by the age of 10. The actual penis size growth grows naturally from puberty to the age of 20. The average length of an erect penis after the age of 20 is 13 cm or 14 cm.

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What Are the Risks of Penis Enlargement?

Since this type of surgery is related to the nerve and vascular structure of the penis, it is performed by a specialist team with microsurgical methods so that it does not adversely affect the erection state.

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How To Do The Penis Enlargement Exercise?

There are 3 different methods that temporarily solve the penis for thickening. These are pulling, squeezing and massage methods. All the mentioned exercise methods are temporary, and penis enlargement surgery or penis thickening surgery can be preferred for permanent solutions.

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