Brazilian Butt Lifting

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical aesthetic operation that shapes and enlarges your hips by injecting fat into your hips. Choose BBL for an attractive, upturned, Latin-inspired butt look that is proportional to the rest of your body.

Why Should You Prefer Brazilian Butt Lift?
  • Thanks to BBL, you will have raised and tight hips. This image gives your body the energy of youth and vitality.
  • BBL gives a more natural appearance than silicone hip implants, and the risk of infection is much lower. It also provides a better shaping.
  • The best benefit of BBL is that the effect of the surgery can last for many years. The fat cells obtained by liposuction will not be seen again in the operated area, and the fat cells transferred to the hip will remain for years.
  • Results will be finalized within six months after the swelling has disappeared and patients have recovered. During this time, curvier hips and improved lower body proportions will be reflected in how you look.
  • Thanks to BBL, not only your buttocks are shaped; With liposuction, excess fat from other areas is removed, thus creating a shaped body.

Operation Details


BBL aims to reshape the buttocks and butt and give them the right size they lost, either because of weight loss or genetic factors. There are two different techniques, and both of them use the latest technology.
Fat Injection

In this method, the plastic surgeon takes excess fat from the patient’s body and injects the removed fat into the buttocks. Fat is in the form of a circle or an inverted heart. Thus, the body gets its natural shape by removing excess fat, and the patients can have the desired buttocks appearance.

Silicone Filler

Plastic surgeons use special silicone fillings to enlarge the buttocks, such as those used for breast augmentation. But the buttock fillings are more substantial and tougher because of the buttock’s structure. Thus, the buttocks can have a natural and attractive appearance. Still, this method is not as popular as the fat injection method. Through this process, the surgeon makes 5 cm of the unseen part of the buttocks.


Operation Details
Can Thin People Do BBL?

Since the amount of fat required is not available in thin people, fat injection for BBL is not possible. But the buttocks can be enlarged by silicone filler. However, the appearance of buttocks may seem abnormal in thin people.

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Can I Return to My Previous Status After the Operation?

You could return to your previous condition if the plastics surgeon uses the silicone filling method.

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Does Buttocks Size Increase by Weight Gain?

The injected fatty tissue maintains its structure, so there may be some increase in buttocks when overweight. However, since weight gain is throughout the body, it is necessary to get a lot of weight to increase the buttocks’ size significantly.

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When Does the Buttocks Take Their Final Shape?

The healing process in the fat injection method is faster than silicone filler. However, the buttocks take their final shape after 3-6 months.

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What Are the Costs Of BBL?

Prices vary according to the used method. You will get detailed information after consulting your doctor.

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From Which Area of The Body Is the Fat Taken?

The plastic surgeon will often extract the fat from two areas near the buttocks, such as the lateral and posterior parts of the waist, abdomen, and inner portions of the thigh.

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When Can I Exercise or Swim After the Operation?

Heavy exercises and weight lifting should be avoided for a month to a month and a half because it will slow the healing process and cause pain after the operation. You should avoid the swimming pool or the sea to prevent the risk of infection. Besides, it would be dangerous to use hot places such as a sauna and a steam bath.

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Does Fat Injection Cause Cellulite?

The used fat in the injection is from the same person’s body; it will naturally fit and will not cause cellulite.

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