What is Face Lift Surgery?

Face lift surgery is the surgery that creates the biggest change among all plastic surgeries. This surgery, also called classic, total and complete facelift, covers the entire mid-face, lower face and neck. ⠀

Several different methods can be used in this surgery. The patient’s health status, smoking, age, gender, degree of facial aging, skin condition and structure of facial bones play an important role in choosing the method. Additionally, the extent of the surgery is decided according to the patient’s needs. In general, the aim of all these techniques is to provide maximum recovery of the soft tissues and connective tissues under the skin, which we call SMAS, and to tighten and heal the skin. The scar of this surgery covers a longer scar than that of mini facelift surgery. ⠀

In full face lift surgery, fat transfer from different parts of the person aims to shape the areas of the face that are needed, as a practice that will further the results of the surgery. After surgery, procedures such as TCA Peeling and CO2 Laser can be performed to improve and rejuvenate the skin.⠀

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