Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

What Is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics


Breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic surgery procedure performed to increase the volume of breasts that are smaller compared to the body structure. In addition, this operation is very valuable for women who have breast sagging after birth, experience anatomical problems in breasts due to aging and lose breasts due to breast cancer. Breast prostheses used for breast augmentation are placed in breast tissue or below breast muscles.



Why Is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

There may be many different reasons for having breast augmentation surgery. One breast may be smaller than the other breast in terms of an anatomical structure. Having small breasts can cause self-confidence problems and aesthetic complaints. Shortly, if you are uncomfortable with this situation, you can reach many doctors, clinics, or hospital options in research for breast augmentation in Istanbul. However, this operation is important for you and it is very important to decide this operation with a reliable doctor. As well as the state hospitals that make silicone prosthesis operation in Istanbul, many different private hospitals and clinics will provide you service in the best way. The important thing is clear and one-on-one communication with your doctor.


Who Are Suitable for Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

Breast augmentation should be planned according to the patient’s body structure, skin tissue, and expectations, in agreement with the doctor.

In order to have breast augmentation surgery, your breast structure must complete its development. So, you must be at least 18 years old. However, since breast augmentation is a surgical operation, your general health condition should also be suitable for the operation.

Shortly, the best candidates for breast augmentation surgery are those women who think that their breasts are too small for their body, who have unilateral breast development disorder/asymmetry due to congenital or subsequent reasons, and who want to have breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.




What Are the Types of Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

Breast augmentation aesthetics is the procedure of enlarging small breasts to the desired size by placing prostheses, which we also know as silicone implants, or by fat injection to the breast contour, and it is very important for women who want to have bigger breasts.

Every woman wants to have beautiful breasts. Sometimes, defects in one or both breasts and volume loss of breasts due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause difficult situations for women. Breast augmentation surgery is carried out to have fuller, bigger, aesthetically more beautiful breasts.

By evaluating the breast structure, skin consistency desired size, and patient’s expectations; we decide all details together with the patient during the preoperative examination, which type of silicone will be preferred, whether or not to use fat injection instead of silicone; and we get prepared for the operation accordingly.



Operation Period

For breast augmentation surgery, silicone prostheses that are specially chosen for your body are placed by choosing one of 4 separate incision areas to be determined during surgery. These incision areas are; armpit, around the nipple, below the breast, and the navel.

The incision around the nipple is made with a very small incision in the brown area of the breast called “areola”, but the only problem in this technique is blocking the milk ducts. In the incision below the breast, mammary glands and milk ducts are not intervened. There will be a very pale scar that will stay under the breast fold. If there is an abnormal situation in the area where breasts adhere to the chest wall, this problem can be easily corrected during this surgery.

There is no incision on breasts for the armpit and navel incisions. Prosthesis is placed by entering through armpits. Scars appear as slight redness in the early period after breast surgery; they fade over time and become indistinct. With the help of these incisions, a pocket of appropriate size for the prosthesis is opened in the area below the breast gland or breast muscle; and a silicone prosthesis is placed into this pocket.

There are many brands of silicone implants that can be used for breast augmentation. First of all, we prefer silicone brands approved by the FDA. In addition, each brand has its own features. They may be softer or harder. In the preliminary interview, we decide on the silicone brand and structure suitable for your wishes and expectations. Choosing round or drop silicone is also decided according to the patient’s expectations and body structure. We prefer to use drop silicone for our patients who are tall and want a natural-looking breast structure. But we prefer round silicone for our patients who are medium and short, and who want a fuller breast appearance. Of course, it is very important to meet your expectations with our recommendations.

Recovery Period

Silicone prosthesis operation with local anesthesia takes about 1-1.5 hours. If seen appropriate after postoperative follow-up, you will be discharged on the night of the same day or the next day. We recommend you have rest during the first four days. During this period, it is possible to experience different complaints depending on whether the prosthesis is placed behind the muscle or in front of the muscle. You will not feel much pain, painkillers will be sufficient, but the feeling of fullness may make you feel uncomfortable for the following days. It is normal to have some swelling in the operation area, and this starts to decrease from the fourth day. It is edema which is seen after breast aesthetics and a temporary situation.


What Are the Risks?

Each surgery has its own risks. There may be swelling and pain in the breast area after breast augmentation surgery. Bleeding and infection are very rare conditions. After the operation, there may be complaints of sensitivity in the nipples or numbness around the incision.

Some problems may arise from the prosthesis used in breast augmentation surgery.


  • Capsular contracture: Scar tissue around the prosthesis tightens the prosthesis, which causes breasts to become hard. It is a problem that can be treated.
  • Leakage of the prosthesis content out of the balloon: If a gel-filled prosthesis is used for breast augmentation, these substances that leak into the tissue gaps may cause mass formation. If saline (a mixture of salt and water) filled prosthesis is used, the saline leaking out is quickly absorbed by the tissues without causing any harm to the body.
  • Rupture of prosthesis: It is a very rare condition. It can occur with jamming after a traffic accident, falling from a height, and injuries from sharp objects. Subsequent mammography and surgical examination do not cause any problems in prosthetic breasts. The prosthesis is visualized as a gap in mammography.
  • Cancer in a breast with silicone prosthesis: Cancer risk in prosthetic breasts is the same as in normal breasts. In such a case, surgeries and other treatments for cancer are applied in line with the standards in the prosthetic breast.

Age Restriction

In order to have breast augmentation surgery, the most important criteria are that the patient is over the age of 18 and there is no other disease that prevents the operation. In the pre-operative examination and consultations, you should share important information with your doctors such as your allergic condition and medications. These details are important for your health.

Prices of Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Since prices of breast augmentation are determined according to the characteristics of each patient, the price information cannot be shared on the internet or by phone. Pricing varies depending on the patient’s body structure, height, skin consistency, the anatomy of breasts, the method to be used and the type of silicon to be chosen. It is also the same for drop silicones which are searched the most these days. You should definitely consult your doctor to have price information.

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