Hair October Materials

Hair October Materials

Hair October Supplies and clinics are available in almost all regions of Turkey, and thanks to today’s technology, SAE October has now become a service that everyone can use.

Hair Follicle Unit October (Fut)
In this method, the scalp, taken from a healthy area without hair loss, is divided into 1, 2, 3 and 4 clusters containing thinning or completely bald hair follicles under a microscope.

The part where the hair is taken from the neck is sewn with plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Thanks to this, the scars on the back seam are minimized and the scars become visible only when the hair is completely shaved. Hair October Supplies and clinics usually do not like the Fut method.

Hair Follicle Unit Extraction (Fue)
In the hair follicle unit extraction (FUE) method, the hair follicles on the nape are thinned or completely removed, or removed one by one from a specific area of the body with a special fine-tipped needle. There are no suture marks anywhere on the body.

The FUT or FUE methods are not different from each other in terms of results. If the hairline is properly prepared and guided, the results of both methods will look natural. The Fue method is the latest preferred method of Hair October Materials and facilities.

October Results
Of course, the hair October results are not received immediately and you need to wait patiently during this time. Your doctor will inform you about the process and share it with you when you can get realistic results.

The waiting time after treatment is naturally long, but the treatment must be completely completed. This is a process, but it is recommended to manage it frequently and properly after surgery. In this way, physicians have the opportunity to monitor development in a more professional and healthy way and prevent complications. Hair October Materials vary according to the techniques used during October.

After October
There are some issues that need to be taken into account after hair October treatment. Do not disturb the hair for 3 days after October. It is advisable to determine your sleeping position accordingly. Avoid swimming in the pool or the sea. This detail should be done for 2 months.
It is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol for a while, as it will have a significant effect on maintaining the transplanted hair. Do not lift too hard while doing sports. It is recommended to take a permit for heavy work. Rest is very important in this process.

Before And After October
In the digital world, more detailed information is provided on this subject, and it is ensured that patients can share not only previous images and postoperative images without hesitation. Once again, visiting the doctor’s official website allows you to access these special images, which are examples of success, and quickly eliminates prejudice against surgery. In these photos, you can see hair samples created thanks to Hair October Materials before and after the operation.

Basic Information About Hair October Surgery
Local anesthesia is used in hair October surgery, and if there is an allergic reaction, some tests give these results and delay the treatment. Before surgery, patients had carrier disorders (HIV, hepatitis, etc.) Are tested in terms of. If the carrier disease test is positive, the transplant will be stopped. The most important goal of this application is to successfully integrate strong hair follicles into the area where baldness is located. As mentioned above, the retention rate of these transplanted hair is very high.

Who Can Transplant Hair?
Anyone over the age of 22 who has hair loss in the donor area and has enough hair can be transplanted. Hair October Materials research has a doctor who will better inform you about this and can track your age.

After this procedure, the transplanted hair follicles will produce permanent new hair within 5 months. Hair loss during the remaining period is called shock hair loss and is a completely natural process. After hair loss, they leave their place for brand new and healthy hair.

According to the characteristics of the technique used, the transplanted hair follicles are transplanted with about 90% efficiency. It is very easy to take advantage of October now. Because this process makes very few mistakes and does not pose a risk.

Hair October Procedure Price
There is no fixed fee for FUE hair October surgery. The price of the transaction depends on the person and the quality of the technology used. Different prices can be found in different cities. It is an operation with too many variables, too much awe.

Hair October centers will determine the price of hair October during the study by taking into account the amount of grafts collected, the recommended techniques or other factors. After this stage, the patient decides on a hair October. Hair October Materials are priced differently according to the condition of your doctor, your center and the person’s hair.

Am I A Good Candidate For October?
After completing your physical development

If there are no physiological disorders that prevent hair October
If there are enough hair follicles in the donor area of the head
If there are gaps in the area where the hair follicles were planted, you are a good candidate for hair October.
Hair October surgery is not limited to androgenetic alopecia only. It is also effective for local bruises, scars, burns and surgical stitches that may occur as a result of various diseases.

October is also very relevant for women. Stubble October is also performed, especially taking into account the size of the woman’s bald area.

You can have a preliminary interview with your doctor and analyze your hair as soon as possible. Your doctor will tell you what to pay attention to after hair October. Istanbul is a more developed city both in terms of clinical diversity and technology.

Does The Transplanted Hair Look Natural?
It aims to maximize hair density by using sapphire and DHI technology used in hair October. The average person has 100 strands of hair per square centimeter. Using the new technology, 80 hair follicles or hair follicles can be stored in a 1 cm square.

When doing this, the forehead line is considered first. Doctors who use Hair October Materials take these ideas and programs into account, but there are clinics in Istanbul where you can work systematically and regularly.

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