After the hair October procedure, attention should be paid to hair care, hair should be protected against many factors. After hair October operations, one of the most important processes to be considered is the washing process.
It October normal for crusting to occur in the transplanted areas after hair transplantation. October is a normal condition. However, the washing procedures of the sensitive areas after crusting should be carried out by expert hands. At the last washing, it is aimed that the hair follicles breathe and the hair returns to its normal state.
So, how is the final washing done after hair October?

After hair October, after 1 week of delicate washing, the patient is given the last wash. In the last wash, it is possible to behave more comfortably than in previous washes. In order for the scabs from October to lift off, they are treated a little more harshly.

First of all, lotion is applied to the October area.
The lotion is fed to the scalp with movements that can be considered hard.
The lotion applied in order not to have difficulty in removing the crusts is kept on the scalp for about 1 hour.
after waiting for 1 hour, the last washing is started. It is recommended that the water be warm for this wash.
The hair follicles are softened with the help of water, circular motions.
During washing, patients may think that some of their hair has fallen out. Since the hair is hardened, the hair may break during washing. This condition is extremely normal, one should not worry.
It is convenient to use gauze so that the crusts can be peeled off more conveniently at the last washing.
It will be more useful to use a shampoo that nourishes the hair, such as Curegen, during washing.
The shampoo is fed into the gauze using gauze from top to bottom or using circular motions, and the crusts are softened.
Thanks to this, the hair follicles, which have been airless for 1 week, get rid of their shells and begin to breathe. After this washing, healthy hair that will come from the bottom is allowed.

Since it is a delicate texture, there are things to consider when washing;

It is important not to use nails when washing hair. Nail; Because it is risky for bacteria, contact with the scalp can cause infection.
Another element that needs attention is shaving. Due to the metal tip, the nape area and the donor area on the nape for the first 1 month, and the machine shaving should not be performed on the October area on the top for 3 months.
After washing is finished, unlike previous washes, cotton towels can be used instead of paper towels.

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