When Does Hair Loss Start in Men?

When Does Hair Loss Start in Men?

The biggest cause of hair loss seen in a large proportion of men occurs as a result of hereditary sensitivity to the effects of androgens. It is considered normal for normal individuals to lose up to 200 strands of hair per day. The causes of hair loss vary according to the environment and living standards. First, hair loss and thinning of the hair occur in the part from the top of the hair to the forehead line. Then, the dilution in the upper part of the head progresses rapidly and baldness occurs.

Causes Of Thinning Hair
Genetic factors are the first among the causes of hair loss. Decongested hair loss. Men receive the hair loss gene from their parents and relatives. Since these reasons depend on genetics, it prevents. Only with some measures taken, the process is slowed down. Another reason is the Dht hormone. It causes the hair to become unhealthy and causes the hair to thin out over time. Yet another factor is the age factor. This factor varies from person to person.

When Does Hair Loss in Men Begin?
Hair loss in men is understood by determining the hormonal level at the beginning of the 20s. In 60% of men, the age of 30 begins to manifest itself after the age of 30 in 40% of men. Male-type hair loss, which allows men to psychologically wear out, which is a big fear, is observed in 25% of men before the age of 25, in 40% before the age of 40, in 50% before the age of 50. Depending on the structure of hormones and various reasons, this age can be pushed back even up to the age of 20.

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