Our priority in our hospital is to fully meet the expectations of our patients and to provide the highest quality service by keeping their comfort at the highest level while doing so. In our Hair October Unit, we are providing service with our very experienced team working with advanced devices.

Graft Growth
Graft growth takes place in an average of 1 year and the final result is obtained at the end of 1 year. The timeline below will help you track graft growth.

1-6 Days After the Operation:
Within a few days after the operation,slight swelling may be observed in the transplant area, which will vary depending on the person.This is usually 3.the day begins and ends at 6.the day ends(swelling is usually not observed as a result of the necessary treatments).There will be exfoliation in the area where your hair follicles are removed within 5-7 days.7.the day may be slightly pinkish depending on the skin type in the treatment areas.

7-10 Days After the Operation:
Your hair has grown by 1-2 mm and your appearance has improved.In order for the crusts to disappear completely, you can start the washing procedure for the second week, which is in your file.

1-3 Months After the Operation:
After a few weeks have passed,he begins his spell,accompanied by noticeable itching.Acne and forehead lubrication that may appear are completely normal.This new growth process will take 3 months.The newly grown hair is thin,but they will thicken after the growth process is completed.Some of the hair will also be seen short on the bottoms.They will also start to grow over time.

5-6 Months After the Operation:
5. and 6. A large part of the hair has completed the growth phase in the months.Some of the hair may also be more feather-shaped or under the skin.The new hair is 2-3 cm long and they will gradually become thicker.

8-10 Months After the Operation: 10th. Between the months, the patient follows the noticeable level of development from the operation to this time Decisively.Now the hair has grown longer and thicker.A much better image has emerged than a few months ago.

1 Year After the Operation
Within the last 1 year after the operation, the patient saw the result more clearly.Although the hair change will still continue, a noticeable success has been achieved for 1 year.The hair will now continue to grow and develop throughout the patient’s life, and he can cut and style it as he wants.Nothing special is recommended for hair care.Standard shampoos and other hair care products are enough.

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