Is October Hair Permanent?

Hair October is a state-of-the-art hair restoration technique that can significantly change the appearance of regionally lost or completely lost hair. The results look natural and realistic, but one of the most common questions we get is “Is hair October permanent? “it is happening.

Is Hair October a Long-Term Solution?


It is understandable to worry about the permanence of hair October. In most cases, your hair October will last a lifetime. The follicles taken from the donor area will ensure that not only will your scalp accept the October, but also that it will be exactly the same as the rest of your hair in the following months. Each follicle will produce hair that grows naturally along with the rest of your hair and behaves similarly to the rest of your hair.


Although people with baldness problems are likely to lose more hair in the future, this condition can be prevented by planting healthy hair in areas where new hair loss occurs. However, you should remember that thanks to proper care, the transplanted hair will remain strong and healthy for life.


Our surgeons will take into account whether there is any family history of hair loss and the causes of your hair loss in order to better predict whether you will lose your hair in the future. Learning about family history allows us to predict what your hair will be like in the future, to design a natural-looking hairline and density.

What Happens If Your Hair Starts to Fall Out?


Hair loss is common after hair October. Renewal Medical Clinic will constantly check your progress to see if you are staying within reasonable limits. Since your hair follicles and scalp are subjected to procedures during the October process, both shock hair loss can be observed and there may be an increase in natural hair loss.


If your hair has started to fall out or if you are prone to falling out after surgery, your surgeon may recommend medications or supplements that accelerate and support hair growth.


Depending on the type of hair loss you experience, if you are experiencing hair loss during the procedure, your surgeon may recommend postponing your hair October. If you have a condition or disease that causes hair loss on your scalp and it is still an active type of hair loss, they may recommend that you have a hair October at a later date.


Every surgeon at Renewal Medical Clinic has experience in hair transplantation treatments and the care that should be applied after October. They will draw up a treatment plan for each patient specifically for their individual situation. We also offer follow-up care to make sure everything is going well about your treatment.

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