What is Implant Bone Transplantation? How is it done?

After dental extraction, there is no force transmission, because there is no teeth in the jawbone, and, melting occurs in the jawbone. People with this condition may experience reductions in the size of their jawbones. This situation appears in the form of thinness inside of the jawbone and reductions in the neck. This situation is corrected by implant bone transplantation to the thin parts of the jawbone.

Our body is our most precious treasure. There is no doubt that nothing is more important than a person’s health. Therefore, when we encounter any health problem, we seek treatment as soon as possible. Thanks to the advancing medical technology, there is almost no situation that cannot be intervened today. At the point reached in the surgical field, the development of technological medical instruments is at a very advanced level. Therefore, many operations from small to large have become easily and sterilely applicable.

Oral and dental health is one of these areas. Oral and dental health of people is very important. The main reason for this is that it is perhaps one of the parts we use most in our body. Many things, from talking to eating during the day happen, thanks to our mouth and teeth.

In the past, due to the lack of sufficient knowledges and methods in this field, people often had great difficulties due to oral and dental problems. Today, this situation has lost its validity. There are now many methods, treatments and applications in the field of oral and dental health. For this reason, you can easily intervene and regain your health in a very short time.

One of these applications is implant bone transplantation. While implant treatments could not be applied to patients with bone loss in the past, we can now apply implant treatments to our patients who have deficiencies in the jawbone with implant bone transplantation. Implant bone transplantation applications are applied when there is thinness due to deficiencies in the jaw bones and other reasons.

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