Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile; It is a smile design treatment with the combined use of techniques such as orthodontics, porcelain lamina, teeth whitening and zirconium coating. In summary, we can say that this custom-made design is an art of dentistry.

Individual plans are made by establishing the fine connection between the exact type of smile people want and oral and dental health. The most important point is that the person clearly expresses to the dentist exactly how he or she wants to smile. For this reason, he should talk to the doctor in detail about the parts of his smile that he is not satisfied with and what bothers him.

Nowadays, many people want to have an aesthetic smile.


Considerations When Planning a Hollywood Smile

-The facial features of the person,



-The symmetry of the smile,

-The arrangement of the teeth and their color,

-Lip structure,

-The condition of the gums

First, the person’s facial line is evaluated geometrically. Because the facial features give valuable information about what form the teeth should be in for an aesthetic smile.

Smile design is different for men and women. Because their anatomy is completely different. The transitions of facial features in women are smooth. Men’s facial features are much sharper. In addition, according to the face of women, the tip of the chin, forehead and nose have different appearances in men.


Considerations When Planning a Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a dental art made for very regular and sequential teeth. When applying to the dentist for smile design, the dentist must first fully understand the state of oral and dental health. Therefore, the dentist evaluates the suitability of the teeth aesthetic design and creates the right treatment plan.

The dentist who will perform the procedure should inform the person in detail about the procedure. In addition; The physician who will make the smile design plans the treatments that should be done step by step. Because, with the right planning and treatment, everyone can have the smile they want. With Hollywood smile, the smile you want is no longer a dream.

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