Depression and Hair Fall

Depression and hair fall are generally linking partners. It is an important question for people that “does depression lead to hair loss?”. The answer is actually hair loss is a skin problem that men and women of all ages suffer from. Hair loss develops due to many factors. From genetic factors to hormonal changes, from stress to unbalanced nutrition, also manifests itself in the use of medication. Many medications especially antidepressants, cause hair loss problem.

Many people who apply to specialists with the problem of hair loss state that the shedding experienced in stressful situations increases.

if the stress situation lasts for a long time, the hair follicles cannot get enough nutrients and oxygen, and this situation accelerates hair loss .

Hair loss can develop due to many reasons such as genetic factors, hormonal disorders, menopause, etc. In addition, excessive hair loss is possible in stressful mental situations such as a serious illness, a heavy surgery, divorce or death. In this case, stress control is the most effective solution to prevent falling. So the answer is yes; depression leads to hair loss.

Controlled Medication Use is Important

The problem of hair loss is also encountered in the use of various medications. Especially cancer drugs used in chemotherapy, radiation, some antibiotics, birth control drugs and antidepressants can increase hair loss. So the answer for “Can depression make your hair thin?” is also yes. Also the medication does. However, some anesthetic drugs also cause regional and excessive hair loss. At this point, it is necessary to stop or minimize the use of drugs without expert control. Otherwise, the drugs may cause an increase in hair loss and cause openings in the scalp. This, in turn, can lead to deterioration of the external appearance in terms of aesthetics and negatively affect the person psychologically.

How to Overcome Hair Loss Depression

The treatment of hair loss due to stress is only possible by reducing the stress experienced. Also it is important to know that hair loss may also cause depression. So; “my hair loss is causing depression” is a true statement. The importance of a stress-free life on hair health is really high. Hair is a living organ that can be adversely affected by many factors in daily life.

The stresses and tensions we encounter in every moment of our life can affect all our body functions as well as negatively affect our hair health. Shedding due to the stress factor is only possible by reducing the source of stress. In addition to simple measures that can be taken in order to be protected from situations that create stress and tension for a long time, it is necessary to change our lifestyle and perspective. Small changes and measures that seem simple will reduce the role of stress in hair loss.’

Hair Transplant in Turkey

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